Common Sense Solutions for our Districts’s Challenges

There is a lot to be proud of in our district. We have amazing faculty and staff, and of course, some pretty great kids! However, our district still has many challenges we need to face. If elected, Lori will work to seek common sense solutions to these challenges. She believes we need to explore multi-faceted and sensible options for issues such as curriculum differentiation, achievement gaps, redistricting, and budget concerns.

Collaborative Communication

Because of her experience as a social worker, Lori is skilled in facilitating open communication and collaboration between team members working toward a common goal.If elected, she will strive for greater cooperation and communication between board members and district administration. Lori will actively work with school and community stakeholders, listen to their input, and voice their concerns and opinions.

Creating Opportunities for ALL Students

Students and families in our district face different barriers and concerns. Lori’s approach in addressing these issues will be to work separately with each population and seek input from the faculty, staff and families to determine the best possible way to serve the students. Our district is large and complex; there is not a one-size-fits all solution for the challenges we face. Lori will look for a variety of creative, multi-faceted and community-driven approaches to ensure every child in the district has the chance to succeed.

North Corridor Parents Questionnaire:

Coalition for Racial Justice Questionnaire:

Engage Iowa City Questionnaire:




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