Kindergarten: A Day in the Life

Kindergarten- A Day in the LifeCongratulations to all ICCSD students, parents, teachers, and administration on getting to and through the first day of school!

I had a great day yesterday volunteering in a kindergarten class at Coralville Central with Mrs. Canton and her 22 kids. Kindergarten teachers are certainly a special breed of person… full of all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to make the first (and every) day of school a great one for each and every child in their care.

I’ve been a kindergarten volunteer on the first day  for a number of years now and I always look forward to it. I just want to reach out and hug each of those tiny kiddos with their super big backpacks and apprehensive looks on their faces!

One thing that is super special about Coralville Central (yes, I am biased), is the wonderful diversity of students. The classroom I was in had kids from all sorts of walks of life and different cultures. It just warms my heart to see all these kids befriending each other, and learning to appreciate the things that make each one of them so special!

Yesterday I had the privilege of helping Mrs. Canton’s students work on a worksheet about what they did to get ready for kindergarten. Some of the things I heard: “eat cereal and carrots” (interesting combo), “ride my bike half-way to school” (bet there’s a story there), “learn ABCs with ___ (3 preschool friends listed)”, and my favorite one: “fly up high to see the lions and dinosaurs”.

Kindergarten is a special time and I love reliving it each year! Thanks to Anna Canton and her class for sharing your day with me!